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12.8 Resource server

The resource server is a read-write server with fine-grained authorizations. You can create one in the (webid-oidc server endpoint resource-server) module.

Class: <resource-server> (<endpoint>) server-uri owner data-home

Create a resource server endpoint. To manage RDF data, and in particular to identify owned resources, it is necessary that the server knows its public server-uri. owner is the webid of someone that has total control.

If you want to manage multiple resource servers, you must make sure that each one of them has a separate data-home directory.

You can construct one with #:server-uri (an URI), #:owner (an URI) and #:data-home (a directory file name or a thunk returning a file name; it may exist or not, defaults to $XDG_CACHE_HOME).

Generic: server-uri resource-server

Return the public URI of the resource-server.

Generic: owner resource-server

Return the webid of a user that has full control over resource-server.

Generic: data-home resource-server

Return the directory where resource-server stores persistent data.